The Allfasteners Company Story


To provide all industries and trades with quality products, delivered via premium service, with integrity.


  • History: over twenty years of supplying to the Australian market from the Melbourne headquarters, and over five in the USA, from Medina OH (Cleveland), Los Angeles, New York, Gothenburg NE, Denver CO, Dallas TX and Lakeville MN.
  • We supply quality fasteners of any type to a variety of industries. With a knowledge of regional needs, our specialties and industry focus in Australia differ slightly from the USA, to give a localized experience for every customer, every time. For example, in the USA, we are highly regarded in the construction and telecommunications infrastructure businesses. Whereas in Australia, a bigger emphasis is placed on custom fabrication of stud bolts for resources and infrastructure businesses. In both cases, this is in addition to being known as the place For All Things Fastening.
  • The core of both entities, however, is to provide a high level of knowledge and service, across the widest range of fastening supplies on the market.

WeldingMarkets – All Industries. All Trades.

We understand every market we serve thoroughly.

  • Building
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical
  • Glazing
  • Carpentry
  • Fabrication
  • Telecommunications


  • Stock: a massive range on hand and a reliable supplier network for fast sourcing of specialized products.
  • Delivery: quick delivery to anywhere.
  • Quality: we stock products from only the most reputable brands, and we also provide you with our own AF-branded product to bring you quality and value, from accredited suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Support: we advise on product application and help to solve fastening issues on site.
  • Special products: a custom division for the fabrication of unique fasteners.
  • New products: we are involved in and observe the changes in our core industries and update our range to not only reflect the needs of our clients, but to anticipate them in advance.
  • Pricing and deals: a market-informed tiered pricing system gives you value, either through our representatives or via online shopping. And we are always looking for ways to reward our customers with special deals on in-demand or innovative products.


The Allfasteners team is available with support and advice for all your fastening needs – pre and post-purchase.

We also have a fast turnaround time on inquiries, so your project’s deadline is safe.


We cover every aspect of fastening in construction, and any other industry where a firm fasten is required. Structural and performance integrity is guaranteed with our:

Allfasteners Delivery TruckDELIVERY

When you Need It Sooner Rather Than Later

Allfasteners has solid partnerships with some of America’s most reputable freight, logistics and mailing providers, ensuring delivery of your products in an accurate and timely manner, with excellent handling procedures.

We can deliver to anywhere in the 50 states, as well as to central America and Canada. And sites within metropolitan areas containing an Allfasteners branch may get ‘same-day’ delivery within two to three hours.


Assurance Guaranteed

We carefully choose the brands we stock, as well as the manufacturers and suppliers who help us to supply you – their quality is our quality.

All Allfasteners products are examined, tested and researched for effectiveness for structural integrity, safety and durability. US standards are always adhered to, and often exceeded.


Need Something You Don’t See?

Need something unusual?

We can source any fastener or construction supply to help you get your job done faster and to your client’s satisfaction.

And our in-house fabrication facility accommodates customized bolts, threaded rod, brackets, plates, structural weldments and more.


Our Knowledge is your Power

More than a mere reseller, Allfasteners has an open door to anyone seeking pre-purchase advice on which fasteners to use for which application and best practices for installation. We’ll even visit your site to offer advice; we also will offer pull testing services to determine what the right anchoring solution is for your special job or material substrate; we become the essential consultative partner for your project.

We Help Our Clients to Save

From project pre-planning to needing supplies fast mid-project, we are specialists in quickly sourcing products, and delivering in fast turnaround times. And no matter what the timeframe, we will help you save money by offering bulk deals, with easy-to-deal-with accounts personnel and an online experience that is second to none.


We are always looking for new innovations that help you to do a better, faster job. You can look to us to be your finger on the pulse when new developments occur in the fastener industry, or your industry, for that matter. When we release new products, we do so with relevant and informative marketing material, and concise and helpful electronic communications, for your reassurance.


We understand that your quote and scope depends on the price of supplies. We can help you create a faster, more confident quote with our Tiered Pricing System (TPS). In short, the TPS allows to you gain quantity-based discounts on most of our consumable stock.

On a frequent basis, we offer all subscribed customers special deals on specific bulk buy quantities of fasteners, and often on the more long-term acquisitions, such as power and hand tools.


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