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Concealment Canisters

Available in a wide range of diameters, our concealment canisters stand the test of time and the elements, ensuring a long lasting installation.

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Monopole Concealment Canisters

Allfasteners is the industry's premier monopole concealment solutions company. We have canisters for industrial applications, monopole concealment and small cell poles. 

With performance in mind, our concealment canisters are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. Manufactured with a stealthy design, our concealment panels blend into their surrounding environments - as if they were always there. 

Available in a wide range of diameters, our concealment canisters stand the test of time and UV radiation in many applications including:

  • Monopole Concealment
  • Small Cell Poles
  • Industrial Applications

Each canister is crafted using a shroud material that was developed through extensive engineering research and field testing to ensure peak performance while maintaining an appealing visual.

Each canister can even be formed with our 5G approved panels - the 5G Skin. Making any canister compatible with 5G mm wavelengths. 

Perfect Match

Just like the rest of the Allfasteners concealment solutions product line, each canister is ensured to fit and match your existing pole or structure, backed up by a field visit if needed.  Our proprietary design provides the most flexibility of any canister system in the industry to accommodate field discrepancies in existing bulkhead height and diameter.

Our canisters are also backed by Allfasteners cost effective pricing on all of our products, so you spend more time closing jobs, instead of overpaying for them.

Contact an Allfasteners representative today to conceal your structure with the industries premier concealment canister. Looking for an even better solution? 

Check out the Raptor Radome for more details on our world class hinged door system that eliminates wasted access time for monopoles.

Dimensions for Any Application

No matter the diameter of your monopole or structure, our team can fabrication our concealment canisters to fit any specification.

Fast & Easy Installation

Our canisters are designed to be retrofitted to your tower or structure seamlessly − allowing for a fast and easy installation.

For All Industries

Whether you need to conceal on a monopole tower, small cell pole or the like, our concealment canisters are perfect for any application