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Premium Screws For All Applications

For a more secure fastening job than nails, look to screws as a better option. Designed with helical threads around their shank, screws can be driven in a rotary manner into building surfaces to provide a strong, secure hold. Don't waste time or money on inferior fasteners. See Allfasteners, for the most effective screws. Allfasteners stocked screws made from the highest quality materials. And not satisfied with merely supplying, we are also always on the lookout for innovations in products that help you get the job done better and easier. Each screw has its own unique design and applications which means you have choices. For the best range of screws, look to America's place for all things fastening, Allfasteners. No matter what your next job requires, from simply attaching a cabinet handle to major drywall production, Allfasteners has the screws you need.

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