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Choose the Right Clevis Hanger with Us

In many buildings, retail, commercial, warehousing, public areas, and anywhere where overhead pipes are installed, you will often see a clevis hanger every few feet or so, as a primary technique for securing copper, steel or PVC piping. They may look generic, but there are many factors that go into choosing the correct hanger for suspension of piping. These hangers come in a few different material types – plain steel for economy, and electro-galvanized for high-level corrosion resistance. And the clevis roller hanger option allows for greater flexibility in situations where longitudinal expansion and contraction may occur when temperatures may change rapidly, and in seismic environments – the pipe experiences free movement through the hanger, whilst still being secured to the roof. Every part –from the clevis, clevis pin to the tang – of our hangers is scrutinized to comply to federal specifications for firefighting and chilled pipework, and other applications.

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