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Customer Portal: How It Works

Read below to better understand how our new customer portal works.

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At Allfasteners we pride ourselves in constantly working to improve our offerings to our customers. That can be through our expanding range of products and services, upgrading our team, but in this case, it’s improving our online customer accounts – with the introduction of the Customer Portal!

The new customer portal gives customers a new streamlined way to access their Allfasteners account 24/7, 365 days a year. With multiple levels of access, our new portal allows you to delegate work throughout your company account – saving you time.

Find out how it works!

How to Get Started

You may be asking how to take advantage of this great new service? Well thankfully its easy!

All you need to do is sign up for a FREE online account. That’s it! No credit term requirements, no annual fees, no nothing! Just sign up online and you have access to the new customer portal.

Understanding the User Roles

With the new customer portal accounts, Allfasteners decided to provide multiple levels of access per account – four to be exact. These roles can be categorized as the following:

  • Account Manager
  • Purchasing Officer
  • Project Manager
  • Finance Officer

It is important to note that who every creates the initial account is assigned the Account Manager role, and there is only one Account Manager per account.

There is no one right way to manage your account, if you only want o=to be the Account Manager and have no other users, so be it, utilize our customer portal the best way to benefit your company.

Account Manager

Account Managers are one of a kind in the customer portal. They are required for initial setup, and there is only one account manager per account. The Account Manager acts as the “admin” for the account, they can control all aspects of the portal including:

  • Create/edit/remove users from the account via the “manage users” tab
  • Approve and review orders placed by others on the account
  • Assign project managers to one or many different “project lists” for easy jobsite specific ordering
  • View all past and current invoices
  • Save favorited items to your storeroom for easy checkout next time
  • Edit saved information such as payment, addresses, contact info and more

Purchasing Officer

The Purchasing Officer is just that, someone assigned to come in and make a purchase on behalf of the account. This role is assigned by the Account Manager, and has the following abilities:

  • Create and order products from the different “project lists”
  • View/reorder past invoices and orders

Project Manager

The Project Manager role is assigned by the Account Manager and can create unique lists of products – called project lists – that can be used to separate products for different jobsites, by product, or however else you want to sort the products. Some of the highlights of having a project manager role:

  • Create/manage custom project lists
  • Edit address books for specific jobsites

Finance Officer

The role of the Finance Officer is that of your company’s in house accounting team. The role is designed to allow your accounting team easy access to all your invoice history.

  • View/Pay past and current invoices on your account

Get to Know the Features

The new customer portal is packed with new features for all of our customers to utilize.

My Account

When you first log into the customer portal and go to your account. The “My Account” page will be the first thing you see. It is an overview of your entire account. It has quick links to edit contact information, addresses, subscriptions and more. In short it is your customer portal dashboard.

Account Information

From the “Account Information” tab you can quickly edit your contact information including your name, email, and password. Those with an existing line of credit or credit terms with Allfasteners can link their account here as well.

Address Book

The “Address Book” allows users to save billing and shipping addresses for faster checkout.

My Orders

Want to reorder past orders with the click of a button? The “My Orders” tab allows you to do just that. Now you can access previous orders, and reorder what you need with one simple click.

Stored Payment Methods

Stored payments can help save time when you check out. Your information is saved only to your account and protected by Allfasteners multiple levels of security.


Search and view all past and present invoices on your account all from the customer portal. Update to date account standings, payment history and more all from the invoices tab.

Soon users will be able to pay directly on the customer portal as well.

Manage Users – Account Manager Only

The “Manage Users” tab is only available for account managers. This tab allows you to add/remove/suspend any user on your account. You can also temporarily reset the password of a given user on your account, as well as assign roles to team members.

My Storeroom

Want all your favorite items saved in one location for faster shopping next time? That’s where the storeroom comes in. The storeroom is a place where you can “store it.” Just click the “Store it” icon on any given product and it will be saved into your storeroom for as long as you want it there.


Projects is a lot like a wish list. You can add a bunch of products to a specific project list and checkout out the entire list at one time. There is no limit to the number of project lists one can have on their account. Pro tip: look at projects like the different jobsites you are responsible for. Add the products that specific jobsite needs for their application and keep your jobsite purchases organized.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

Our work is never done. That’s why Allfasteners will always be working on creating new updates for the customer portal to enhance the customer experience. Check back here for the next update to drop.