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Onsite Pull Testing Service

At Allfasteners we offer onsite pull testing with regularly calibrated equipment for a wide range of fasteners. We can even come to your jobsite before design or after installation to conduct a test.

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From time to time, the maximum load resistance of a fastener can be difficult to determine. For that reason, the best way to obtain such information for anchor bolts, eyebolts, scaffolding and threaded rod embedment is by conducting a pull test. 

Our Services

Allfasteners offers onsite pull testing for overhead hanging systems for the mechanical, fire protection, HVAC and plumbing industries.

The pull testers used for onsite testing are Hydrajaws® – industry leaders in quality and durability for decades – and can be used on substrates such as cinder-ashe, terracotta and concrete. 

Benefits of Choosing Allfasteners Onsite Pull Testing Services

Safety. It’s that simple.

Conducting a pull test helps to obtain a structure’s maximum strength and ensure the proper anchor is being used in select substrates– helping to understand the limits of the structure and minimize the chance of malfunction.

Besides ensuring safety and durability on your jobsite, pull tests are simple to conduct and take little to no time to get your results. Our representatives have years of onsite experience performing pull tests and can provide you with digital and print reports of the entire test.

Our representatives also work well with third party inspectors onsite.

Schedule an onsite pull test today, and one of our skilled representatives will be there to help.