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Below is Allfasteners privacy policy. Please read and review for questions regarding our privacy policy.

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The whole of this website is covered by copyright. No part of this website may in any way or form or by any means be electronically or mechanically reproduced, photocopied, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted without prior written permission of Allfasteners Pty.


The information given in this website, and all services and claims made is current during the design and publication process, but may be subject to change at any time without notification. Whilst great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the compilation of the information contained in this website, ALLFASTENERS accepts no liability for any loss or damage, either direct or consequential, arising out of, or in relation to, the use or application of the said information or products referred to herein, and ALLFASTENERS do not guarantee that goods will be suitable for any particular application. Refer to ALLFASTENERS TERMS & CONDITIONS of SALE located on the ‘Terms of Use’ page for further information. Photographs and diagrams are for illustrative and indicative purposes only and may vary from actual products supplied. Where specific products or brands are unavailable, an equivalent or higher in quality product may be supplied.


ALLFASTENERS supplies products in good faith, on the assumption that customers fully understand the loadings, safety factors, and physical parameters of the products involved. Customers or users who are unaware or unsure of any of these details should refer to ALLFASTENERS before use. Responsibility for loss, damage, or other consequences of misuse cannot be accepted. ALLFASTENERS recommends that the customer undertake suitable testing and research prior to use of products.

ALLFASTENERS assumes no liability for any miss-application of any fastener or product. A miss-application of any fastener or product includes any or all of the following:

  • Use beyond published load limits.
  • Installation in a manner other than according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Use in applications not published by ALLFASTENERS.
  • Use without compliance with Local/National code regulations.

Whilst this website gives guidance relating to the use and nature of the products and a variety of applications, the ultimate responsibility for correct selection of a product for a specific application must lie with the customer. ALLFASTENERS recommendations are made in good faith but do not constitute a guarantee.

For design loads and technical information, refer to manufacturer’s design guides. Where specific products or brands or sizes are unavailable, it may be necessary to supply an alternative product of equivalent or higher in quality, or an equivalent size in the opposite of metric/imperial sizing. Where a particular brand or product or size has been selected to meet the loading and performance criteria required, only that brand or product must be used. The particular brand or product or size must be specified at the time of ordering in writing.

ALLFASTENERS reserves the right, whilst preserving the essential characteristics of the products it supplies, to introduce at any time, modifications and changes considered necessary to improve the products, or to make changes for any reason of a commercial or constructive nature.

Alternative items, of similar or improved finish or quality, will be dispatched if the original item in this website has been discontinued in favour of the similar or improved item, unless the customer specifically states that substitutes are not to be supplied.

Where units of sale and pack/carton quantities are shown, orders should be placed in multiples of these quantities. Where variations occur, the quantities may be adjusted up or down.

All dimensions stated are approximate, and may be subject to adjustments. If in doubt, please contact our sales team.

Delivery times quoted or requested may vary depending on circumstances beyond our control, and depending on courier or transport company used. ALLFASTENERS will commit to do it’s utmost to have these claims adhered to. ALLFASTENERS shall in no way be held responsible for any loss, either direct or consequential, resulting from any delay or failure of performance of supply or delivery.

The use of products in relation to OH&S is the responsibility of the user of the products.

All information stated is in addition to our current TERMS & CONDITIONS of SALE and is subject to constant review and amendment.

Brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. ALLFASTENERS®, The AF® Logo, ANCHORFAST® and SKYDRIVE® are registered trademarks of Allfasteners USA LLC. SPECTRUM® is a registered trademark of Ox Group UK.