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Allfasteners | Destination for Core Drill Bits

When drilling holes into concrete with diameters larger than 1-2" you will want to consider using a core drill bit. Not all core drill bits are the same. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best drill bit like the concrete material, depth and specific application. Made for coring concrete, brick and masonry, these products are designed to cut aggressively through hard construction surfaces. The core bits provide fast, trouble-free drilling, and have a long service life. There are two basic types of core drilling, wet and dry. In the majority of core bit drilling, wet is the most sought-after option. This style uses water to help the drill pierce through the surface of the material that helps flush out debris left in the hole. A dry core drill bit is simply that, dry. Dry bits are best used when the use of water is not necessary, like applications involving electrical wire. At Allfasteners, we only stock the highest quality core bits for wet and dry drilling.

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