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The Raptor Radome Demonstration

The new Raptor Radome is a customizable product designed for the concealment industry. Check out the video below to see how the Raptor Radome works.

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The raptor can be used on new and old structures alike. It can be purchased with the steel radiused pieces for each door section with a pivot point for positioning at the top and bottom connection to the existing bulkhead - we can even retrofit to existing towers. 

Not only is the new radome cost saving and decreases remobilization, it adds longevity to your structure. Most concealment options in the industry are made from fiberglass, while Allfasteners uses a durable material that isn't prone to expanding, contracting or becoming brittle.

In fact, a majority of "repairs" on sites require hurricane straps to be wrapped around the canister for security. All of the Raptor Radome’s testing was completed without these materials, removing the need to purchase similar kits, which for materials alone, cost $150 per section. Plus, you get back the time spent cutting, unwinding and re-wrapping the canister.