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Rooftop Mounting for Concealment

Industry leaders need the cutting-edge designs in concealment innovative solutions for every application or environment. That's why Allfasteners' Raptor Radome line has expanded to include rooftop mounting options. The same great product, smaller scale.

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This systematized and simple approach addresses a challenge the tower industry has faced for many years. Installing and removing loose bolts, straps, and buckles, as well as handling panels at heights is a painstaking operation that has proved to be a slow and cumbersome process. Coupled with the fact that the necessary hardware and nylon bolts are often found to be missing or damaged, it leaves concealment panels susceptible to blowing open or even coming off the pole in a wind storm.

The Raptor Radome offers a simple latch system that allows each hinged panel to open simultaneously for 360° access to the antennas and equipment mounted inside. Available in a broad range of diameters, the versatility of the Raptor Radome is proven by the fact it can even be installed as a retrofit option on existing bulkheads without the need for custom fabricated components to be added to the pole.

360° Access

Easy Latch System

Fast & Simple Installation