Allfasteners Testimonials

  • "This bit drilled 1800 holes in 1/4" steel non-stop. Still sharp and good as new. FYI we planed on using at least 12 bits on this project and used one and still good as new."

    Referencing the gold series jobber drill bits

    Dedicated Glass Works
  • I’m in a mechanical company that does a lot of insulation, and have my own crew. They are not always in well ventilated work areas and have fiberglass particles everywhere so they constantly are requiring dust mask. For years I’ve been spending big bucks on the fancy 3M N95 Dust mask and whenever I try a lesser, cheaper brand they’d complain from either the nose bridge doesn’t have a pinch point or the valve doesn’t vent well. 

    So a few months back I had my sales reps, Matt Walker, tell my why spend the money on the 3M stuff when Allfasteners has their own brand, which is cheaper, and just as great. I told him look I’ll try a few out because they are priced great, but I warn you they complain. 

    Well let me tell you the guys LOVE THE AF DUST MASK. They can’t believe how durable they are and how they hold up, not to mention the respirator valve on these work great. So NOW my guys all say please send me the AF Dust Mask. I couldn’t be happier that my guys are please and that I’m saving tons of money in the process. 

    Francisco - Maspeth, NY
  • Thanks Russ (MacGregor — New Jersey/NY Branch)! Really appreciate the help on such short notice. Reason we went with you guys! 

    Pete - Chestnut Ridge, NY
  • I really like the epoxy anchors from the recent order. The extra nozzle is great. The viscosity is better than the other brands - its easier to pump out. I will be buying again

    Joe - Electrical Contractor – Brooklyn, NY
  • Hello Russell (MacGregor — New Jersey/NY Branch),

    It was great meeting with you and thanks for stopping by to go over your product line. Being a small business owner it is important for us to work with vendors that can service and expedite our needs. Allfasteners does just that — the assistance on the phone, the recommendations on different items, delivery to sites or our office works great for us without losing any production or man power. Even the delivery personnel call us and go out of their way for us if we are unable to except the delivery and unload product! Allfasteners will always be a part of our team, thank you again, and we’re looking forward to keeping our relationship strong.

    Russ - HVAC Contractor – Keyport, NJ
  • I love Allfasteners, their products are great and their reps, like my buddy Matthew (from New Jersey), are always a big help when we have a last minute order and need it yesterday.

    Anthony - Fire Sprinkler Contractor– Woodside, NY