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Tiered Pricing, What Is It?

Allfasteners offered special pricing for volume discounts on a variety of Allfasteners products. It's called "tiered pricing" or "volume discounts", and it provides our customers a chance to save money on their orders. Find out how it works.

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Allfasteners knows that getting a fair deal on consumables in construction can affect your bottom line. That’s why we have introduced our market-leading system that rewards you for quantity purchases – the Tiered Pricing System.

Whether you are buying via our physical catalogue or this website, the Tiered Pricing System applies an automatic price to select quantities of fasteners and more. To save you time with haggling, Tier 1 is a market-driven price on a minimum purchase, and Tiers 2 and 3 reward you for adding more to your order. Put simply, the more you order, the better the price gets.

Try it out now – go to any fastener on this website, select a quantity, and see the price break occur when you add more. This way, you can plan ahead by stocking, and save.