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Tool Warranty Request Form

If your tool rental needs repaired, please submit the form below and one of our representatives will be assist you.

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Having Trouble with the AFGN40 or AFGN50 Nailer?

  1. Write down the serial number of the tool, incase tool repair is required.
  2. Is the battery fully charged?
    1. If not place on charge.
  3. Is the green light illuminated on the tool's handle?
    1. If not place on charge.
  4. Have you replaced the gas fuel catridge?
    1. If not replace. If you need more fuel cells go here.
  5. Have you oiled inside the nailer mouth piece?
  6. Is the piston stuck in the mouth piece?
    1. If it is, using the allen wrench included in the case, push the piston back up and oiler the nailer mouth again.
    2. Turn the depth gauge down to a lower power setting.

If none of the above help fix your issue, please fill out the tool repair form below.