• Overview | Adhesive Anchor Systems

    Overview | Adhesive Anchor Systems

    This overview walks you through the using one of our complete adhesive anchoring systems. This systems combines VF200PRO epoxy, dustless drill bits and concrete screw anchors for the best in overhead hanging applications.

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  • Overview | Raptor Radome Usage Demo

    Overview | Raptor Radome Usage Demo

    The newest innovation in Allfasteners concealment solutions range - the Raptor Radome - gets a full rundown with Allfasteners sales manager Bruce. This demonstration breaks down every aspect of the raptor radome including: the easy latching system, how to

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  • AFOS Anchor Design Software | Overview

    AFOS Anchor Design Software | Overview

    AFOS®: Software for Anchor Design with both Rigid and Elastic Base Plate. AFOS® is a powerful yet simple to use anchor design software developed to be compliant with ACI 318. Accurately design and report following strict ACI 318 requirements and ICC-ES

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  • Framing Screws | Overview

    Framing Screws | Overview

    Made specifically for securing drywall to wood or metal studs, drywall screws have become an industry standard for the building interiors sector. Drywall screws have two types of threads – coarse and fine. Coarse thread works best in wood while fine threa

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  • Raptor Radome | Overview

    Raptor Radome | Overview

    Tested in 150mph winds, the new Raptor Radome concealment canister stands up to the elements. This 360-degree access canister allows easy retrofitting to almost any monopole in the field.

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