• Concealment Solutions | Overview

    Concealment Solutions | Overview

    Allfasteners prides ourselves in offering aesthetically pleasing concealment and small cell solutions that blend into the surroundings, while upholding high performance. Allfasteners's concealment capabilities are designed to fit any need. We even come to

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  • 5G Skin - 5G Approved Panels | Overview

    5G Skin - 5G Approved Panels | Overview

    Allfasteners conducted tests on material for all different concealment applications to 5G compatibility in every application – which led us to our panel. Developed to be used with 5G equipment and mm wavelengths, the 5G Skin is the next wave of concealmen

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  • Adhesive Anchoring | At The AF Desk

    Adhesive Anchoring | At The AF Desk

    Welcome back to the AF Desk where we were joined by Greg Walker - our Sales Manager - to discuss the range of adhesive anchoring systems we offer. We cover uses, approvals and much more helpful tips. Check it out!

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  • Dustless Drill Bits | Overview

    Dustless Drill Bits | Overview

    For the ultimate in dustless drilling systems. Now you can save time with SDS-Max dust-extraction drill bits that will clean the hole while drilling. When paired with an appropriate vacuum the Dustless drill bits will remove up to 98% of drill dust immedi

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  • Overview | Adhesive Anchoring

    Overview | Adhesive Anchoring

    Allfasteners offers a wide range of adhesive anchoring solutions for all industries. The EF600 and VF200PRO are perfect for construction, masonry, HVAC and much more. While the AF35LVE is great for deep embedment in the tower industry or the like.

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