4-1/2" x .045" x 7/8" AF® INOX Type 27 Cut Off Wheel

AF® Type 27 Cut Off Wheels are abrasive cutting wheels designed to be used with an angle grinder for cutting threaded rod, strut, angle, pipe and rebar. These cutting wheels work well with both ferrous and stainless materials.

The premium aluminum oxide grain enables these wheels to cut cooler and cleaner and last longer than other brands which cost 50% more. They are double external reinforced with high tensile strength fiberglass to ensure safety of the worker.

AF Part No.: 11CWD4500
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Why AF INOX Type 27 Cut Off Wheels


  • Used to cut threaded rod, strut, angle, pipe & rebar
  • Works well with standard grinders

Key Benefits

  • Fast cutting at less power
  • Long life and great value
  • Cuts cooler and cleaner
  • Cuts without vibrations or burns
  • Extra thin design
  • Premium Aluminum Oxide grain
  • Performs better than cut-off wheels that cost 50% more
  • Double external reinforced with high tensile strength fiberglass
  • 4-1/2” and 5” wheels available
  • Availabe in type 1 (flat) and type 27 (depressed)
  • Cuts steel and stainless steel
Depressed Center
  • Allows for close quarter cutting, cutting on flatter planes and cutting flush.

  • Ideal for applications such as:
    • Cutting threaded rods protruding from floor
    • Removing anchors used in pallet racking that has been moved

Ask About Our AF INOX Type 27 Cut Off Wheels

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