Micro SDS-Plus Carbide Tooth Rebar Cutter

Micro SDS-Plus Carbide Tooth Rebar Cutter

6-Cutter SDS-Max Carbide Drill Bit

SDS-MAX 6-Cutter Drill Bit is the best drill on the market for precision anchoring and is designed for ultimate dust removal. Its recommended for use with hammer drills with SDS-MAX Chucks.

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Why 6-Cutter SDS-Max Carbide Drill Bit?

Key Benefits

  • The three vanes of carbide are infused with copper making them resilient even after temperature increases of 212°F
  • The 125° cutting edges enable the most efficient drilling without cracking surrounding concrete
  • The self-centering tip design drives the bit straight as it drills through reinforced concrete
  • The six contact point design offers the highest degree of dust removal on the market

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