7" x 1/4" x 7/8" Pearl Redline ™ Grinding Wheel

Pearl's innovative MAX Aluminum Oxide super grain is a highly efficient hybrid grain mixture with unique crystalline properties that enable individual grain particles to remain extremely sharp and durable. The MAX A.O. grain has excellent friability characteristics that allow for optimally-timed fracturing of abrasive crystals, constantly exposing sharp cutting edges to the work surface. The result is significantly increased efficiency and performance when compared to traditional aluminum oxide wheels.

AF Part No.: 11DCRED70
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Less Vibration
The Redline™ MAX A.O. wheel's combination of a proprietary bonding system and the MAX A.O. grain create a wheel that offers near perfect balance, with significantly less vibration or "Wheel chatter." This is extremely helpful in improving grinding efficiency and grinding speed. It is also very helpful in making the wheel user friendly, decreasing both operator fatigue and wear on the angle grinder.

Cooler Grinding
Because the Redline™ MAX A.O. wheel runs significantly cooler than standard grinding wheels, it is ideal for applications in which burning the material can be a problem. The MAX A.O. wheel dissipates heat better than standard aluminum oxide grinding wheels, resulting in increased performance and less chance of marring the workpiece.

The multiple cutting edges of the MAX A.O. grain combined with the enhanced resin mixture result in stock removal rates that are significantly higher than standard grinding wheels. In addition, the constant renewal of fresh cutting edges greatly decreases wheel loading, ensuring consistent performance.
- Type 27
- For ferrous metals; iron, steel & stainless steel

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