Caulking Applicator Gun 10oz/300ml

High thrust ratio allows for faster dispensing with less worker fatigue. Single component applicator with 360°rotary type aluminum handle, metal trigger, riveted reinforced carriage. Compatible with AF405, AF705 and VF22PRO.

AF Part No.: 13CAG300
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Why Caulking Applicator Guns?


  • Single Component Applicator
  • Capacity: 10oz/310mL
  • Handle: Aluminum
  • Trigger: Metal
  • Carriage: Metal


  • 18:1 Thrust Ratio
  • Dispense More Adhesive With Less Effort
  • Get Your Job Done Early
  • Attached Puncture Tool
  • 360 Rotary Type Handle
  • Twin Gripping Plate
  • Easily Extrude High Viscosity Materials
  • Riveted To Reinforce Carriage


  • Up to 35% less extrusion force when used with VF22PRO Epoxy System. Comparison based on tests with other brand applicators and epoxies.

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