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When Is Allfasteners Retail Store in New Jersey Open?
7am - 5pm Monday to Friday
Is Allfasteners Closed on a Holiday?
Allfasteners is closed on the following federal holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas.
Why Use ICC-ES Evaluated Fasteners?
ICC-ES (International Code Council Evaluation Service) fasteners are those that have been evaluated and approved by the ICC-ES, an independent organization that verifies compliance with building codes and standards. Having completed hundreds of evaluations of building products, components, methods, and materials, ICC-ESR has a proven track record of excellence in product evaluations.
Is It Better to Use a Company with Locations Nationwide or a Small Local Supplier?
Big box stores or local suppliers, you make the decision.
Where is Allfasteners Located?
Allfasteners has locations in Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois & California.
Is the customer portal free for anyone to use?
Our customer portal is free for all customers.
Does Allfasteners have a free anchor design software?
Allfasteners has a free downloadable way for customers to design anchors for their projects - the AFOS® Anchor Design Software.
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Product Articles
Which Adhesive Anchor Should I Use for My Application?
Each adhesive anchor developed by Allfasteners has unique applications - EF600 is great for high load structural applications, VF200PRO - great for heavy duty overhead applications & AF35LVE is great for deep embedment in the telecommunications industry.
Why is the NexGen2™ OneSide Bolt Is Better Than the Hollo-Bolt?
Five Main Points: Higher Strength, Ease of Installation, Application Range, Corrosion Resistance & Durability.
How to Choose the Best Adhesive Anchor for Setting Threaded Rod?
Choose an adhesive anchor that is compatible with the materials you are binding to, has a good cure time and great bond strength.
Should I Use Screw Anchors Instead of Wedge Anchors?
Screw anchors have a greater holding strength, easier installation process, are better in corrsion resistance & more versatile than wedge anchors.
How to Choose a Safety Climb System for a Cell Tower?
When choosing a safety climb system make sure to check regulations, compatibility, material, and cost.
How-To Cross Reference Fastener Specifications & Sizes from Metric to Standard
This guide helps one to be able to cross reference fasteners specifications from metric to standard (imperial) in order to buy appropriate items.
Why Choose A Rod Hanger over a Drop-In Anchor for Concrete Applications?
Still using traditional drop-in anchors for concrete applications? Use rod hangers instead. This article will show you why using a rod hanger compared to the drop-in anchor is the better choice.
Choosing a Screw Anchor Over a Sleeve Anchor & Why
The Allfasteners screw anchor is considered a better choice compared to a sleeve anchor in concrete masonry block applications for several reasons, find out why.
Difference Between Wedge Anchors & Screw Anchors
Wedge anchors and screw anchors are both types of fasteners used to secure objects to concrete or masonry surfaces, but they differ in their design and installation methods.
What is a Hex Tap Bolt?
A hex tap bolt is a type of bolt that is commonly used in construction and machinery. It has a hexagonal head with a threaded shank, and it is designed to be installed with a wrench or socket.
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Service Articles
Why Should You Buy Fasteners & Steel Fabrication from the Same Company as a Single Package?
Buying fasteners and steel fabrication from the same company as a single package can offer several advantages
Does Allfasteners have a team of certified welders/weld inspectors?
Yes, Allfasteners has a team of certified welders and a certified inspector.
Does Allfasteners have next-day delivery?
Yes, Allfasteners offers next day delivery to local New Jersey/New York area codes.
How-To: Tool Rental Program
Structural Steel Fabrication Capabilities
What Services Does Allfasteners Offer?
About Allfasteners Retail Store
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How-To Videos
How-To Anchor Into Terracotta?
With the use of a birdie insert & adhesvie anchor. Check out the video.
How-To Use the Trak-Pro Nailer
Allfasteners Trak-Pro Nailing System the premier way to quickly and efficiently fasten into concrete. Learn how to set up the tool for the best results.
How-To Install Wedge Anchors?
How-To Install Wedge Anchors:How Wedge Anchors Work:
How-To: Chemical Anchor Into Deep Concrete Holes
How-To: Chemical Anchors Into Deep Concrete Holes:
How-To Use Allfasteners Epoxy
How-To Drill Stainless Steel
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Helpful Shorts
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Website Help
How do I get a customer portal account?
Fill out our form and ensure you have an Allfasteners online log-in.
Can I set up user accounts for others in my company on the customer portal?
Yes, you may assign staff to roles on your company account.
What does the account manager role do in the customer portal?
They are required for initial setup, and there is only one account manager per account. The Account Manager acts as the “admin” for the account, they can control all aspects of the portal.
What does the purchasing officer role do in the customer portal?
The Purchasing Officer is just that, someone assigned to come in and make a purchase on behalf of the account.
What does the project manager role do in the customer portal?
The Project Manager role is assigned by the Account Manager and can create unique lists of products – called project lists – that can be used to separate products for different jobsites
What does the finance officer role do in the customer portal?
The role of the Finance Officer is that of your company’s in-house accounting team.
Does Allfasteners offer in-person pick-up?
All our branches are open from 7 a.m. local time for pre-arranged pickups.
How do I check out using the Allfasteners website?
Click the cart logo in the upper right-hand corner of the website, and choose “go to checkout.”
Can I use my credit account to pay online?
Yes, Allfasteners offers our credit account holders to pay online.
How do I set up my credit account online?
Fill out the form and ensure you have an Allfasteners online log-in.
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