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Core Bit - Threaded Barrel Extension

Core Bit - Threaded Barrel Extension

Deep Hole Roughener Kit

Deep Hole Roughener Kit

NexGen2™ Oneside® Bolt Installation Tool

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Required for installing the NexGen2™ Oneside® Bolt Assembly. Patented Product #9696478

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Installation Guide for NexGen2™ Oneside® Bolt Assembly


Pre-Install Bolt on Install Tool:

  1. Thread the installation tool tip into the splined end of the bolt.
  2. Remove the nut, the face washer and the spring shear sleeve and slide along the handle of the tool.
  3. Move the collapsible washer to the correct location on the tool and fold in place.


  1. Install the bolt into the hole followed by  the collapsible washer. 
  2. Rotate the tool 180°.
  3. Pulling back, rock the tool side-to-side to engage the collapsible washer.
  4. Engage the spring shear sleeve into the shear plane. 
  5. Slide the face washer forward and move the nut up to fasten to the bolt. Tighten the nut snug tight at this point.
  6. Remove the tool by unscrewing it from the bolt (counterclockwise).
  7. Using the shear wrench, engage the outer socket with the splined end of the bolt. Press the trigger until correct tension has been achieved (the bolt spline separates from the bolt).
  8. Press the small trigger on the shear wrench to eject the bolt spline. The application is now complete.

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