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Slotted Metal Shims 1/16" Galvanized

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Square Plate Washer

Split Nut

The Allfasteners Split Nut introduces a streamlined process for retrofitting anchor rods to existing base plates with an ease unlike any part used in the field before. Split nuts can be used to solve any application that requires adding a structural nut to any rod, bolt, or threaded shaft that cannot be accessed from the end of the part.  Designed to be used in place of ASTM A563 DH and A194 2H nuts.  Coated with Magni 565. 

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Patented Product #9574598

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Grouped product items
AF Part No. Size Price More Info Qty
2SPN034M 3/4 in. Split Nut
2SPN078M 7/8 in. Split Nut
2SPN100M 1 in. Split Nut
2SPN118M 1-1/8 in. Split Nut
2SPN114M 1-1/4 in. Split Nut
2SPN112M 1-1/2 in. Split Nut
2SPN134M 1-3/4-5 in. Split Nut
2SPN200M 2-4.5 in. Split Nut
2SPN214M 2-1/4-4.5 in. Split Nut

Why Split Nut?

The AF Split Nut takes away the need to thread an entire anchor rod through the nut, making your cell tower upgrade and installation time quicker and simpler. Our split nut design allows for retrofitting of anchor rods to existing base plates.

Key Benefits

  • Simple, Quick Installation
  • Eliminates Washer Plate
  • No Need to Thread an Entire Anchor Rod Through the Nut
  • Patented Product #9574598
  • Custom Thread Pitches Available Upon Request
  • Magni Finish
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Ask About Our Split Nuts

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